We are dedicated to helping you reach your maximum potential, changing your lifestyle, and making healthy choices everyday habits. From Hint to Habit is a healthy lifestyle challenge that focuses on more than the scale.

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“My whole family was eating healthy! The best part is someone told what to make for each meal!! The workouts were easy to understand and simple to do. I ended up losing 12 pounds during the program and felt great!”

Kristy F.

“I am so happy that I joined the program. It really changed my ability to have the strength I need to be a farm wife and grandmother.”

Debbie H.

“It is easy to adapt these Hints into Habits. Erika & Laura are excellent coaches that don’t nag, yet are consistently giving encouragement… You will have many other benefits beside just losing weight. But if you are wondering if you can really shed the pounds, I lost 26 lbs. in 8 weeks.”

Brian R.

“I have found the structure and support of this ingenious program has also enabled me to give up some unhealthy food addictions – something I never imagined I could accomplish.”

Valerie H.

“I am now at my original goal weight… truly I did not think I would ever see it! So many amazing changes! Thank you for all of the support, encouragement & easy to follow program. It has changed my life.”

Michele V.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”